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Mission Statement

Grounded in Chinese culture and nurtured in the spirit of internationalism, AIC students become active and globalized citizens achieving entry into diverse universities worldwide.


Through a rigorous and student-centered program, AIC promotes life-long learning and world citizenship to our community. Students are challenged by a dynamic program of active learning that will inspire in them scholarship and a belief that they can make the world a better place.  


  • AIC opens doors to powerful international education experiences for our students.
  • The AIC approach to learning is student-centered and embraces active experiential learning.
  • The community is developed as a valuable resource for learning.
  • AIC is a sustainable school that promotes sustainable values to our students and our community.
  • We endorse the concept of ‘world citizenship’ and empower our students to act upon issues that impact their lives and the lives of others. We actively promote intercultural understanding and respect.
  • We are dedicated to promoting excellence and equity in education, and to developing inquiring knowledgeable and compassionate young people.
  • We develop learners who are confident, responsible, reflective and innovative—equipped for success in the modern world.

Core Values

We seek to be active in the pursuit of our core values.

Student-centered: AIC is a student-centered school. This definition extends to the individual student whom we value dearly.

Students first: Serving the best interests of our students is a paramount consideration when decisions are made.

Safe and Supportive: AIC is a safe and supportive learning environment.

Sustainability: School practices are economically and environmentally sustainable.

Diversity & Inclusion: We are a community of diverse learners, and learning opportunities are available for all members.

We uphold the values of responsibility with accountability, integrity, respect, collaboration, innovation, and commitment.


'Achieve, Inspire and Create' is the AIC motto. At AIC we expect our students to achieve excellent results, both academically and personally; to inspire others and be inspired by others, and then to go and help create a better world.