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Admissions Policy

Admission to AIC is open to motivated learners of all nationalities. AIC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity or religion. Admission is selective and subject to passing the entrance examination and being recommended for admission by the Principal of AIC following an interview. AIC reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants expected to have difficulties following the AIC curriculum or positively contributing to the AIC community.

Admissions Requirements

  • Students must pass the AIC entrance examination demonstrating strong academic ability, as well as showing motivation and potential to succeed in the IB Diploma Programme.
  • As the language of instruction at AIC is English, applicants must have good knowledge of English, sufficient to participate fully in the AIC community and curriculum. In cases where applicants with limited English have no educational alternative (e.g. expatriate students arriving during the school year) or show significant potential and motivation to improve their English competence, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Principal to enrol in the Intensive English Language Programme.
  • Students agree to become contributing members of the AIC community taking an active interest in AIC student life, in accordance with the AIC Mission and the IB Learner Profile.