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Different types of scholarships are given to students based on their entrance exam scores, school performances and IB exam scores or university application results.

The specific score requirements and details for each type of scholarship can be obtained from the admissions staff of our school.

The AIC Entrance Scholarships

The AIC Entrance Scholarships will be awarded to new students based on their previous academic performances, such as Zhongkao results, and AIC entrance exam results; this is a fixed amount, awarded to the student for each year of their study at AIC.

Academic Scholarships

Once a student joins AIC, they will automatically qualify for the Academic Scholarships based on their academic performances for the entire academic year. This applies to all AIC students. All scholarship recipients must meet conditions:

  • contribute positively to the learning environment at AIC
  • participate fully in the student life at AIC
  • maintain a high level of personal conduct and integrity
  • participate in all functions to promote AIC

Graduation Scholarships

For outstanding graduates who are admitted to universities, the school will also give out one of the following two scholarships to support the students' entry into their dream universities.

  • If a student is admitted to an Ivy League University or one of Oxford University or Cambridge University, they receive a one-time scholarship of 100,000 RMB.
  • If a student is admitted to a US Top 30 university, US Top 10 liberal arts college, Imperial College London, The London School of Economics and Political Science, UCL, HK Top 2 university, Singapore Top 2 university, they receive a one-time scholarship of 20,000 RMB

Any student at AIC achieving a 45-point diploma will be declared an AIC Ambassador and will receive the AIC Ambassador Award, which comes with a 10,000 RMB donation to a charity of choice in China, and an air ticket to the city where the student will pursue her/his undergraduate degree.