Teachers' words

“Moving to Guangzhou is an adventure. It is a busy and

vibrant backdrop to AIC, all novel to me, with a great
contrast of the Baiyun Mountain very close to the school.
And I am here to teach the subject I love. I am excited for
more fantastic experiences!”
Athicha Siriboonlamom, Thailand

“...Guangzhou has a very active social scene, and many
things to do with the family too. Whatever you will be
looking for, Guangzhou will have it. It may need effort and
time. Yet the local expat community is always willing to
share their experiences and local knowledge, making a
transition to the new and improved Guangzhou easy for
anyone willing to put in the effort. ”
Jeremy Forrester, UK & Canada

“At Alcanta international College the energetic and
passionate engagement of students in a variety of activities is
enthralling. Their diverse cultures and experiences merge into
an enriched quintessentially AIC family. Of great note is the
caring spirit in team work and balanced approach, which
sustain the students and teachers throughout the rigours of
the IB Diploma Programme. Being part of this family is
indeed a rewarding experience.”
Silvia Ndhlovu, Zimbabwe

“...Working at AIC, is at times, like joining an extended
family. The favourable ratio between teachers and their
students allows staff to get to the heart of students learning
needs and to meet with individual learning styles more
easily. The students are a pleasure to teach and the growing
international community allows for genuine interactions
with staff and students alike as well as promoting a holistic
development of life skills along with a sound education.”

Jamie Lowe, Scotland

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