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Online Parents Meetings

Dear Parents,
When Covid-19 shut down school campuses, teachers and students around the world were thrown into the world of online teaching and learning, this includes students and teachers at AIC. The challenges were not only about the day to day tasks of teaching and learning but also about finding effective ways to schedule and to meet with parents for events, such as three-way conferences. These conferences are critical, scheduled opportunities for parents, students and teachers to meet and discuss strengths and areas of improvement for each student.

In collaboration with Faria Education and and SchoolBuddy, this year we trialed a new system for scheduling our appointments (aicib.schoolsbuddy.net) which has multiple languages and also a server in China, as opposed to the system we used before for appointments. Our survey results indicate that most of our parent community found booking appointments easier this semester. Next semester, when we return to campus, the IT department will provide training sessions for parents to ensure everyone knows how to use the system effectively. 

Friday, April 3, 2020 was an historic day for AIC: our first ever virtual Three-Way Conference. Zoom was used as a hosting platform for these meetings. 551 appointments were booked, of which less than five percent of the parents and students did not connect to the meetings. A few parents reported technical problems, but a great majority of these parents received adequate support and guidance with their questions as per the survey conducted after the event.

We are very pleased that a great number of parents attended these conferences. For those who did not attend these meeting, please read through the Communication at AIC document to learn about other ways in which you can learn about the progress of your child. Communication about the progress of students is an on-going process, and at AIC we believe students, teachers and parents all have vital roles to play in communicating with each other to ensure our students reach their potential. Teachers and students are encouraged to communicate frequently in order to find as many ways as possible to ensure all students may optimize their potential. Parents too have an important role in supporting holistic education of children and should also regularly discuss school and academic work as a family, as this can help in many ways, including identifying and continually addressing issues like homework or difficulties in a particular subject or assignment. This feedback can then be relayed to school and appropriate support can be implemented, usually much faster than without parent involvement.

Covid-19 has brought many challenges, but as with all challenges, there are also opportunities for growth. Let’s make the best of this situation and endevour to learn and improve our approaches to learning and education, utilizing new technologies and innovative solutions. Please feel welcomed to contact us with any comments or queries.

Stay safe and healthy, at AIC we are all looking forward to seeing you all on campus when we are allowed to return.

Kindest Regards,
Bob Darwish
Director General

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