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A full scholarship to Hult International Business School

We are excited to share with the AIC Community that our DP2 student Amanda Covento has been awarded a full scholarship to Hult International Business School for her excellent academic record, entrepreneurial spirit, and extraordinary commitment to service.  This scholarship is even more special in that Amanda is the only student to receive the this award out of hundreds of potential candidates in mainland China and she is one of a small handful in the world to receive this extremely prestigious scholarship. Hult, being one of the premier business schools in the world and correspondingly one of the most expensive, makes Amanda's annual reward worth over 400,000 RMB annually (approximately $60,000 USD), for a total amount of over 1.6 million RMB ($240,000 USD)!

With campuses in Boston, San Francisco, and London, Hult provides students with diplomas from both countries and is the only triple accredited business university in the United States.   Hult students graduate with a global network in place, the practical skills to make an impact from day one, a future mindset needed to thrive in a time of change, and lifelong learning opportunities so that they can stay on the cutting edge long past graduation.  

Amanda came to AIC from her native Brazil where studied while working most nights as a dance instructor. She has a lengthy history of community service and philanthropy experiences, one so successful it was recognized by the Pope. She has been an active member of the AIC community since the beginning and has even dedicated her spare time to babysitting for some of our families as well. 

We congratulate her for this award (the second AIC student to achieve such an honor) and wish her a safe and happy return to campus once our classes resume. 

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