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Yueying and William Assembly

On Friday March 23, students and staff gathered to enjoy an extravaganza of musical and dramatic delight. The assembly of Yueying and William’s mentor group had the theme of relationships, and provoked those present to reflect on their own interactions with friends and family, as well think about the real meaning of romance.

The first treat in this line-up was a song, performed by the DP1 Chinese Ab initio class – Sorry, my Chinese is not that good. This fun, cheerful song highlighted the bond of friendship between the international students on stage, as they need to face similar difficulties living away from home (as well as singing this song on stage!!)  but can succeed and even enjoy their time with the support of a group. Grade 10 Aro and grade 9 Sunny linked all of these sections together with their expert M.C. skills.

The theme of friendship was continued by an informative presentation including many gems of wisdom from famous writers collected by Tony in grade 9. This provided the background for a simple but extremely exciting game – how well do you know your friend? The premise of this game is that pairs of friends both have to answer a set of questions about one of them and the teams receive points for matching answers. 

Family was the next form of relationship, and the link between children and their parents was highlighted with a video and performance of the song from the classic TV show Baba qu nar? (Where are we going Daddy?) This linked to a dramatic production, written by students about an elderly man with no family, taken in by a father and son. This piece acted as a social commentary of some of the real issues of the older generations, as well as the importance of human kindness in modern life.

Our final section was focused on romance, and opened with a Chinese rap song performed by Kevin in DP1. This was a song about the feelings of a young man after breaking up with his girlfriend. This was followed by a video of interviews conducted with married couples working in AIC. Although there were several questions, the general theme was,” what are the most important things in a long term relationship?” And although flowers and chocolates might be nice, true romance is putting another person’s needs as being more important than your own. This of course is the same key feature of any meaningful relationship.

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