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AIC Fun day on Mar. 10

The third AIC Fun Day as an annual parent-child charity event was organized by parents association and supported by AIC, which took place on last Saturday, March 10th. In the past two years AIC has raised 4000 yuan, and nearly 13000 yuan respectively. As the previous times, the money we raised from the event, will mainly be donated to Couleurs De Chine, (Couleurs De Chine an association was founded in 1990 by Francoise Grenot-Wang, which gives priority to supporting young Chinese minorities, especially the young girls from the miao, dong and yao, who are deprived of their rights to study but are keen and very eager to learn).

Last Saturday was a bright sunny day, students and staff were so excited that some gathered early to prepare for all the games and decorations. Some were setting up the tables and chairs, some were blowing balloons, lots to do for such an exciting event.

Around 10am, Frank gave a warm welcome to everyone and a speech about the purpose of the day, and the key values connected to this event as part of the ceremony in the theater, he also explained the itinerary for the Fun day. A key point was that, everyone has to buy and use the AIC coins rather than cash (to simplify the transaction and collection of donations). This was followed by some wonderful performances from our talented students. This introduction was rounded off by another speech from representatives of the parents association to wish everyone to win many prizes from the games and most importantly, enjoy the AIC Fun day!

There were full of enjoyment on the running track as all the booths arranged there. As games, we had fun games like basketball free throwing, archery, popping balloons, drawing bags, twister … However, the most exciting games was sponge throwing at our director Chris. Poor Chris, but as he said, all for charity! Fortunately this was also the most popular event. We also had a wild range of food from Chinese style food: Chinese tea eggs, tanwan style rice, meatballs etc. to western style pizza.

While everyone is busy enjoying the fun moment, the singing competition took place in the theater, a lot of us didn’t get a chance to witness the competition, but we had the top 3 competitors performed at the closing event. AIC staff member Elisabeth and DP2 student Butogwa won the first prize. Congratulations to them! All of the performances were wonderful, not only the students, but also some teachers really have a hidden talent for singing.  

In addition to all the fun crazy games and competitions, we had a football match and a basketball match for our mutual entertainment, students playing against their teachers and parents! The football match ended as 5:2, the students won. Congratulations to these exuberant youths. 

Time flies when you are having fun, the event drew to a close in the afternoon whilst everybody was still elated. We all re-grouped in the theater as the closing ceremony was held. As part of this, the lucky draw was definitely a highlight, catching everybody’s attention, many of us had some useful household items as prizes, like laundry liquid, coffee cup, IWODE T-shirt, vase set, etc.  

At the end, we had a great success for the third parent-child charity Fun Day. Thanks to Parent Association members, parents, all the students and faculty support for the great success of the activity. We will use all the funds raised by the event for the AIC community construction and the "color" China charity.

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