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Mentor Group:John & Navnita

Throughout the year, mentor groups are responsible for creating and performing a 40-minute presentation on selected Friday mornings in the new school auditorium. Just last month, John & Navnita’s group (known as ZZZ, or “Zip-Zap-Zop”) gave their assembly presentation entitled “Now That’s Entertainment!” AIC in general has a wide variety of performance ability, and this was our turn to showcase what students could do. 

Our content included various types of dances from different cultures (including African, Middle-eastern, and European), information on horror films and the psychology behind them, hip-hop music and rap, and an original drama. Students are learning to organize themselves independent of teachers in collaborative groups and create original content they care about within deadlines through events such as student assemblies, as this is an important skill in preparation for their future. Although assemblies often experience technical problems, lack of full preparation, and the nervousness that comes from public performance, over the years we are able to see students wrestle with these real challenges and improve greatly, just as they will in life beyond school. AIC is always supportive of what our students present, which is full of heart and talent, and this assembly was no exception. Congratulations to all involved, including our guest dancers from other mentor groups!

As mentioned in previous newsletters, reading in English is an important part of mentor group time in the morning, and here are a few things our students have to say about their choice of books this year:

“I’ve been reading a lot about Kabuki this semester…” – Jane Li
“Ok is not ok at AIC! So I only read books that are on the New York Times Best Seller’s List!” – Draven Lin
“Do you have any books on hairstyles for handsome men?” – Azizbek Hamdamov
Even our teachers are reading!
“I’ve been trying to finish this book for two years now! I read about four pages each day. I’m near the end and I’ve got to find out how this thing ends.” –John, reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
“I have recently completed reading The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf and I must say that it got me thinking beyond the pages of the book. While the author feels women are back to square one, not on par with men, having to prove themselves all the time and this time with their looks; I think men and women complement each other, and one must give respect to get respect. If you want to be treated equally, treat men as equal to you. It’s a matter of give and take.” Navnita

Apart from reading together, the mentor time is also used to help the mentees with any other issues that they may need help with, particularly with self-management. The prime goal has been to help the mentees take responsibility for their actions.  

ZZZ is part of Lion House this year, and just recently their house decided to go to Zhuhai for this year’s CAS trip, which emphasizes the three areas of Creativity, Activity, and Service within the IB philosophy. As previously mentioned, students are self-organizing this trip within four different committees which must act independently as well as coordinate with one another to manage a set budget, source and book hotels, restaurants, and plan events such as hiking, cultural art activities, and volunteering to help in local schools. John is acting as CAS Trip Leader while Navnita is leading the Food & Hotel Committee. More updates on CAS Trips later!

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