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What is a CAS project?

Greetings everyone!  The CAS program here at AIC is now finished for the first semester, and you are all working hard at your chosen activities both in and outside of CAS time.  However, CAS is not just limited to one hour on Monday and Thursday.  Students are expected to make at least one CAS project during their IB Diploma, so what is it?

A CAS project must be something you do outside of the school that is Creativity, Activity, or service.  It must be organised as a group effort with at least 4 students, and take at least a month to complete.  A CAS project must have a clear goal that must be completed - for example, re-painting a hospital ward, translating a book for a charity, or coaching young children for a football tournament.  These must be found, initiated and organised by you and your friends.

The CAS project is a real chance for you to get out into the community, find a genuine need and work with your friends to address it.  Take the chance to work with people who need your help, guidance or hard work.  Choose a goal, and work towards it.

Here at AIC you are more than welcome to do any additional CAS projects, but your main CAS project is your participation in the CAS trip with your house, where you are planning the trip for you and your house to go on in April.  Be sure to write your reflections as you go along!

As always, If you want any help with writing your reflections for your CAS portfolio, please speak to the teacher supervisor of your activity or myself and we can give you some suggestions.  If you want help with ideas for what to do for your CAS project, come and speak to me anytime!

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