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Learning By Doing

Welcome to AIC Chinese class!Here you will find that AIC Chinese teachers dedicate themselves to infusing Chinese national curriculum and IB philosophy & pedagogy into AIC Chinese curriculums.  Students are always encouraged to learn by doing.
In the classes of Grade 9 and 10 culture, students explored Chinese history, Chinese food and Chinese zodiac to develop their understanding of the Chinese culture. Students also learned how to communicate with daily Chinese and how to write basic Chinese characters. When learning Chinese characters, students demonstrated great interest in Chinese calligraphy. 

To help students of Chinese Ab classes learn Chinese characters better, various of leaning activities and games were introduced. Students were encouraged to review the basic sentences and to communicate with Chinese students through Wechat. Students used effective and interesting APPs for 15-minute Chinese daily learning. To build their confidence in communicating with native speakers, students interviewed their Chinese friends using Chinese language. In addition of these, diverse games created with Kahoot, Quizlet and flash cards were used to enhance student’s learning interest. Moreover, students were advised to watch Chinese TV series to help with their Chinese language acquisition and Chinese cultural understanding. Authentic learning activities such as shopping at the local market and cooking Chinese food were planned and organized to help students engaged in their learning. To help them with cultural comparison, students talked about the similarities and differences between Chinese and their own festivals.

Students of Pre-DP Chinese language and literature completed the unit of drama and explored the topics of bias. During the first unit, DP1 students of Chinese language and literature explored how Chinese language developed in specific cultural contexts, how it impacted on the world and how it shaped both individual and group identity. DP2 students of Chinese language and literature completed learning Part 4 of IB DP curriculum, which focused on literary critical studies. Students of Chinese language and literature at all levels focused on learning skills of both textual analysis and literary criticism. Students were encouraged to express their insightful and critical opinions on Chinese language and literature in a clear, logical and insightful way. Students learned to use strong evidence to support their arguments. Students developed their collaborative and research skills during group projects.

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