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Mentor Group: Elisabeth & Shany

From day one we voted “TEAM SUPREME” as our mentor group name. We all introduced ourselves, played games and listened to stories from each member of the group to help us get to know each other better.  Our group is full of amazing and enthusiastic students and teachers. IB learner profile attributes, AIC values and assessment policies have been well-discussed in our mentor group.  We also have a WeChat group for online discussions. 

Reading is strongly emphasized during our mentor time.  In the beginning, even though the library was not ready, Lynda and Elisabeth responded to our request by providing us with books to read.  However, reading is not only done during mentor time, and it is not only done with books.   We organized a contest called “The best online library”.  Students were asked to find the best websites for us to borrow books online and to promote reading in our group.  Two of our favourites were http://storybird.com and https://openlibrary.org.  The students also came up with some good ideas like reading short stories or magazines as well as books during mentor time.
Currently during mentor time we are all reading different genres of books, like fiction, mystery, non-fiction, history and graphic novels. Titles include The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang and Land Below the Wind by Agnes Newton Keith.
Our mentor group is part of the Dragon house, whom we were proud to represent on Sports Day.  Our house won the boys basketball competition! We also placed second in many other categories, finishing third place overall.  The library also held a scavenger hunt between the houses.  Although Dragon house did not win that competition, our mentor group came first in our portion!
For our assembly this year our mentor group was given the topic of Halloween.  We started planning in early September.  We wanted our assembly to be different from ones in the past.  The group was split into three teams, with a leader in charge of each team.  Our leaders were Edward (DP1), Sachi (DP2) and Dil (DP1).  All did an excellent job of leading the students and planning our event.  We decided to make the assembly like a Halloween party, and played traditional games like Bobbing for Apples, Halloween Feeling Boxes and Buzz Words.  Students and staff were invited to dress up and participate in a costume competition.  Afterwards each student was given a small bag of candy – just like Halloween!

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