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AIC Staff attend conference on the future of Nansha

Some members of the staff at AIC were invited to attend a seminar at the Guangzhou Convention Centre on the future development of the Nansha area. This indicates how AIC is already being noticed in Nansha and how our school will become a supportive part of the new development.

The seminar covered how Nansha Port and City will become a major transport and  communication hub that further strengthens Chinas trade position with the world. Nansha Port is to be one of the key By Chrys HILL building blocks of the Maritime Silk Road. The planning and information given to us painted a promising picture of a major new city that forms part of the Pearl River area. The Nansha New Zone is going to be an impressive arrangement of modern buildings and spacious parks, that will maintain the area as a great place to live. In 2011 Nansha was awarded to be one of the Most Liveable Urban Districts of the Worldby the United Nations. The new developments wish to retain this balance between economic development and ecological protection. It was very good to hear that the picturesque natural landscape made up from mountains and the coastal foreshore will be preserved. By getting to be part of the early development of this major project AIC has positioned itself to be right.

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