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AIC Community and international Education

As is known to all, the IBO International Baccalaureate Organization is known as an "established internationalization of quality education". It is found in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and has 4000 members of the school. With its leading educational ideas and the unique structure of the curriculum, the IB has attracted the attention of the world. Many of the world's leading universities are all in favor of IB students. As an IB school in Guangzhou, AIC has continued to strengthen its internationalism, during the 2016-2017 school year.

Presently, AIC has more than 180 students and faculty in its community, who come from more than 20 countries from many different regions in the world. Each person brings with them their own personal background, which adds a further level of international dimension to our developing community. The number of international students at AIC, each year, keeps increasing. Students are from United States, Belgium, Britain, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, Tanzania, Madagascar, Morocco, Rwanda, Azerbaijan and others. Our teaching staff is equally as diverse, with a wide ranging number of citizens originally from: Canadian, Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, United States, Lebanon, and China. We live by the “I” in IB! This is a vibrant community, where Chinese and foreign students studying the IB International Diploma Program. All students have the opportunity to learn and live in an international environment.

AIC’s mission and values demonstrate the importance of the host nation: China. This is implemented in the teaching program and culture of the school, whereby additional emphasis is also placed on the Chinese language, and culture. “Although we are developing our international dimension rapidly, as a school, we embrace Chinese culture.” Jeremy, University Councilor. In compliance with the IBDP teaching program, AIC implements a rigorous Chinese language and culture program. This is a strong quality of AIC; there is help for international students to fully understand and learn Chinese language and culture, as well as deliver Chinese to student who speak Chinese as their first language. International students learn from the Chinese students, and the international students also contribute to the local students’ international field of vision and cross cultural communicative competence. In AIC, international students are placed under the guidance of Chinese teachers, learning Chinese B courses. Chinese will become their second, third or fourth language. They will have provision that allows them to practice Chinese characters, practicing speaking the language and developing their language acquisition, and participation in Chinese traditional culture related activities, such as dumplings, dragon dance, paste couplets, Mid-autumn festival etc..

When you are surrounded by such a diverse variety of people, we all have one common language – English. Our community is very exciting to be a part of!

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